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Think Long and Hard About Who You Oppose

Remember back in August of 2009 when liberals went bat shit over being called national socialists because they were attempting to implement the same policies that Hitler did during pre-war Germany?  How dare conservatives compare freedom loving people to such horrible people as nazis!

Well, well, well…those wonderful, freedom loving democrats have had full power for two years.  Let’s review:

  • People have been beat up at health care protests
  • The president has referred to those who don’t support his policies as “your enemies” to a Latino group

Now we have the unbelievably egregious tactics of the TSA.

Is it o.k if we start using the word “Gestapo” yet?

The thing that bothers me most is that within conservative circles, they sit and argue about the Tea Party.  Out of all the crimes against liberty being committed, we have to read scribes against how the Tea Party are a bunch of ineffective hypocrites.

Is every member of the Tea Party perfect?  No.  Is their message totally in sync?  No.  Are they prone to making political mistakes?  You bet.  But guess what?  They aren’t treating you like a fucking terrorist because you want to fly to mom and dad’s house for Thanksgiving.  They aren’t supporting the strip search of your 3-year-old son.  They are here to help stop some rude, overpaid, lazy-ass government employee from squeezing your middle-aged, red-blooded, white American balls before you get on an airplane.

This isn’t even a matter of a lesser of two evils.  This is Good vs. Evil and it would do a lot of people good to reconsider their positions on a grassroots movement to stop a leadership that governs like….get ready for it…NAZIS.


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Media Bias Deus Ex Machina

…and then everyone found out that the mass media really has become a propaganda arm of the leftist movement through the release of conversations on a  listserv comprised of several hundred liberal journalists, as well as like-minded professors and activists.

The end.

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